Our Company

Company Development Strategy

Adger Solar is in the business of creating lowest-cost solar-electric generating facilities by focusing on project fundamentals, such as finding optimal utility interconnection points where an injection of new energy and capacity will create the highest value for the electric grid. Adger Solar also seeks to exploit economies of scale in each stage of project development, along with finance, construction and operation, in order to attain the lowest levelized cost of energy from any new source of electricity in the region. Adger’s preference is to be a long-term participant in the projects it develops, typically by purchasing (or leasing) the project site and then sub-leasing it to the solar project.

Adger Solar has been active in the southeastern US since early 2014, and currently has approximately 750 MW(ac) of utility-scale solar projects under development. As of Q1 2017 Adger Solar has in process approximately 600 MW(ac) of grid interconnection applications; and its first two projects are now under construction: the 71.4 MW(ac) Solvay Solar Energy – Jasper County project, SC’s first utility scale solar project, and the 10 MW(ac) Ridgeland Solar project, both located in central Jasper County.

Company Background

Adger Solar is a joint venture with one of the nation’s oldest and most successful private energy investors in the US which has participated in the development of over 10,000 MW of operating wind and solar energy projects in the United States, with another 2,400 MW set to come online by the end of 2017.

The Adger Solar team includes several industry veterans, Theo de Wolff and Bill Moore, who have a proven track record of innovation in the renewable energy sector. Along with Tim Daniels (a former executive at Deepwater Wind, and before that at Constellation Energy), and David Capparelli (a former executive at Suzlon North America, a leading wind energy company, and before that FPL Energy), this team has participated in the development and/or financing of more than 3,000 MW of renewable energy projects now in operation in the Mid-Atlantic, Northeast, and Midwest.

Adger Solar’s development efforts in the South Carolina and Georgia markets are jointly managed by Tim Daniels and David Capparelli. Daniels leads Adger’s origination of power purchase and utility interconnection agreements; and Capparelli manages the engineering, design and construction of Adger’s photovoltaic power plants. Bill Moore oversees Adger’s local legal, community and state outreach, and permitting activities; and Theo de Wolff provides executive level management of Adger’s commercial arrangements, market strategy and external financing.